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Whale & Dolphin Watching

Portugal | Madeira Island

Rota dos Cetáceos is a company dedicated to the observation of dolphins and whales in the seas of Madeira.


Swimming with Dolphins
Whale & Dolphin Watching
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  • Swimming with Dolphins

    Swimming / Dolphins

    Rota dos Cetáceos, have the habit of ensure the safety of its customers and to respect the animals so, swimming with dolphins is done in a calm and safe way so that our customers can enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience without cause stress and discomfort for both.

  • Whale & Dolphin Watching

    Meet / Dolphins

    Rota dos Cetáceos is a company directed to the observation of dolphins and whales in Madeira. Our clients are always accompanied by our marine biologist team. Before each trip there is a short introduction, then the adenture starts! We have lookouts an land who guide us to the animals in vessels fully equipped for observing wild dolphins and whales. It is also possible for you to swim with dolphins, an unforgettable experience!

    During our trips you might observe a large diversity of dolphins, whales and turtles on Madeira Island sea. 

    Already, “Rota dos Cetáceos” thanks those who decide to see the animals in this way.. In their natural environment.


  • Private Charters

    Private / Trip

    Princess V50 3M´s 16meters (2005), total capacity for 10pax. Enjoy a private charter on Madeira Island and just relax!
    This yacht charter on Madeira gives you the chance to enjoy the island in your own way. The yacht charter in Madeira always includes a skipper who will safely take you where you desire to go, and one more crew member to make sure you are confortable! During the yacht charter you can go for a visit to the Southern coastline of Madeira and stop for a free swim. We have towels, mask & snorkle.

    Why not a free snorkeling in 20 degrees sea temperature? To get the most out of this yacht charter in Madeira, on the “Princess V50” we provide you champagne, wine, beer, water and soda, and some snacks. Feel free to bring your own food too. You can choose to enjoy the Atlantic Sea for half a day or a full day. We have a suggested itinerary but of course, you may choose your own!



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